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DRA: Finding Plays, Monologues, and Musicals: Finding Plays

A guide to finding plays, monologues, and musicals in the University Library.

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Finding Plays

Plays are frequently published in collections, rather than individually, and often the titles of the collections are something like Five Plays. Helpful, right? Don't worry - this guide will show you the catalog tricks to be successful in your search for plays.

Locating a Specific Play

Because plays are often published in collections, rather than on their own, search the title of the play but leave the search by option set to keyword. Put the name of the play in quotation marks - this tells the catalog to search it as a phrase.Screenshot of a SOUTHcat keyword search for "Doll's House"

Because plays are often published in collections, you may need to go to the long view of the catalog record to see which plays are included in a book. But if you did a keyword phrase search, the title you're looking for will be somewhere in the record.

screenshot of the long view of a catalog record, showing the table of contents field

Finding a Play by a Certain Playwright

To find plays by a specific playwright, do an author search putting the last name first.screenshot of a SOUTHcat search by author for "Ibsen, H"

To see which plays are included in a collection of an author's play, refer to the box above this one.

Browsing for Plays

To browse for plays, check out the following call number ranges for drama collections, located on the fourth floor south.

Type of Collection Call Number Range
American drama collections PS 623-(635)
English drama collections PS 1241-1273
French drama collections PQ 1211-1241
German drama collections PT 1251-1299
Italian drama collections PQ 4227-4245
Russian drama collections PG 3240-3255
Spanish drama collections PQ 6217-(6251)
World drama collections PN 6110.5-6120