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MGT 590: Special Topics - Healthcare: Healthcare Industry

A guide to resources for MBA students taking MGT 590: Special Topics - Healthcare

Accessing databases while off-campus

When logging in from off-campus, be sure to use the email password for your student account, i.e.  It will be just like logging into your Canvas account with your Jag # and password. If you work in the Health System and want to access these resources after the class is over, follow the directions on this page to create a JagNet password:

Search terms

In addition to the name of the industry (ex: health care OR healthcare OR hospital OR health facilities OR health services OR health organization OR medical care OR healthcare system), other terms that I like to use in searches for industry information include:

  • Trends OR Outlook OR Forecasts
  • Statistics OR Data
  • Patient OR Client
  • Specific areas of the business that I want to find out about (marketing, supplies, outsourcing, business-to-business OR B2B, data security, etc.)
  • Terminology from strategic management, like key performance indicators OR balanced scorecard

Library Databases for Articles

State and Local News Sources

Industry Associations

Trade or industry associations are a great source for information on an industry. Sometimes they have free information available. Other times it is restricted to members of that organization.

Business Insights: Essentials

To search for trade associations, go to the Advanced Search page. Instead of Keyword search, select Association from the pull-down menu. Search by Association Name, Description, NAICS, SIC, State or Country.


Search for Industry Association Information in Articles

Search for the name of the industry in business articles. Sometimes you will find statistics or research quoted in the articles that would normally only be available to members who pay membership fees to access. 

Library Databases with Industry Reports

In recommended order, here are the databases available to assist you with industry research:

Hospital Financials

Industry Statistics

FYI- For the future

Management and Organizational Practices Survey- Hospitals

  • The U.S. Census Bureau is working on a survey of hospital managers. This was sent out in 2020 and covers the years 2019 and 2020. The data is currently being compiled and has not been released yet. The U.S. Census Bureau is conducting the Management and Organizational Practices Survey-Hospitals to better understand current and evolving management and organizational practices in hospitals and to assist in studying their relationship to clinical and financial performance. Collected data include tenure, organizational characteristics, management practices, management training, management of team interactions, staffing and allocation of human resources, standardized clinical protocols, and documentation of patients’ medical records.