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Copy of Common Read/Common World: The Good Food Revolution: Home

About the Author

Photo Credit: John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

Will Allen is a farmer in Milwaukee and the current CEO of Growing Power. Will grew up on a small farm in Maryland, the second-youngest of six children of a sharecropper. While living in Belgium as a basketball player, Will reconnected with his farming roots. He observed the intensive methods used on small plots by local farmers, and began applying those methods in a garden where he grew food for his family and teammates. 

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University of South Alabama Common Read/ Common World Program

The University has chosen The Good Food Revolution by Will Allen as the book for its Common Read/Common World program to take place during the 2024-2025 academic year.


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About the Book

Book Review

“From the plots of his Milwaukee urban farm to low-income communities across America, Will Allen has shown us a new type of heroism.  Through The Good Food Revolution, Allen recounts his effort to reclaim his family’s heritage and, in doing so, confront lingering disparities in racial and economic justice.  As the champion of a new and promising movement, Allen is skillfully leading Americans to face one of our  greatest domestic issues – our health.” — Former President Bill Clinton
“Far more than a book about food, The Good Food Revolution captivates your heart and mind with the sheer passion of compelling and righteous innovation. Wow!” — Joel Salatin, Author and Farmer at Polyface Farm, Inc.
“Will Allen is a hero and an inspiration to urban farmers everywhere.  Now, with The Good Food Revolution, we learn  how Allen rediscovered the power of agriculture, and in doing so transformed a city, its community, and eventually the world – with the help of millions of red wiggler worms.  Told with grace and utter honesty, I found myself cheering for Allen and his organization, Growing Power.”  — Novella Carpenter, Author of Farm City and The Essential Urban Farmer
“Generously and forthrightly sharing his life story and his passions as he makes the case for a new food system, Allen inspires us to move beyond self-interest when considering greener and healthier food. Assisted by the able writing of journalist Charles Wilson, Allen gives us the straight talk we yearn to hear from politicians…These gripping personal stories woven through the narrative provide a strong foundation for Allen’s incisive historical and social commentary…The Good Food Revolution is a real-world guidebook to positive change.” — Real Change News
“The Good Food Revolution is the kind of book you just can’t put down, rich with personal stories, and full of insightful lessons about business and life that transcend the food industry. There are fundamental lessons in Allen’s work that all leaders can learn from.” — 800 CEO Read/Blog

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