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Fiction: Finding It in Marx Library: Home

There's no fiction section, but you can use the classification system in the stacks (or online) to browse for fiction.

Browse for contemporary fiction

For the most recent contemporary American fiction (and other literary works):

Browse this call number range: PS 3600 - 3626 (21st century)

For other contemporary literature in English, browse this range: PR 6100 - 6126  (21st century).

Or begin a call number search in the Catalog with ps3600  OR  pr6100.

Browsing for Anthologies

You can sample various kinds of fiction by reading anthologies, which have special call number ranges.

These are collections of literary works (stories, etc.) by multinational, national, groups (women, African Americans, etc.) or

by form (stories, poetry, etc.) 

(For individual authors the best course is to search by author :  example dick philip k -don't use punctuation/capitals.)

For authors from many countries browse in these call number areas:

         PN 6099-6110      Poetry

         PN 6111-6120      Drama

         PN 6120.15  - 6120.95      Short Stories

For British authors or English authors outside the United States:

         English Literature

         PR 1100-1369      Collections:  British authors

               PR 1119-1149      By period

               PR 1171-1369      By form (stories, etc.)

For U. S. authors writing in English:

         American Literature

               PS 501 -  690      Collections:  Ameican authors

                                         PS 508   Special classes of authors

                                                      (African Americans, Hispanics, etc.)

                                          PS 530-536.2   By Period  (20th century)

                                          PS 538-572         By Region (South)

                                          PS 580-688         By Form:

                                                                  PS 580-619  Poetry

                                                                  PS 623-635  Drama

                                                                  PS 642-659   Prose

                                                                        (Stories, poems, etc., can be

                                                                          further subdivided by period,



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