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NSF REU: Bioarchaeology of Bronze Age Social Systems: Finding Journal Articles

This libguide is in support of the research conducted by undergraduate students participating in the National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates program sponsored by the University of South Alabama.


If you find an article, book, or other resource, but you cannot access it, contact me (Stephanie Ard) at or (251) 414-8178. I will help you get access to what you need.

Recommended Search Tools

Google Scholar

Google Scholar Search

Remember, you can use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) with Google.

You can also use "phrase searching" (words in quotation marks) to keep words together.

Recommended Journals

Finding Full Text in an EBSCO Database

To find full text articles in a database, first do a search. (Note: this guide shows an EBSCO database, but the general steps for locating full-text articles will be similar in most databases.)


If full text is available within the database, it will be listed below the result in the results list. You may see it in PDF or HTML format.


If full text is not an option below the result, use the Check for Full Text button.


This will open a new browser window which will tell you if the article's full text is available elsewhere. You are looking for a link that says View this article. Click this link.

screenshot of link resolver


You should be taken to the full text of the article in another database. In this case, it is in ScienceDirect.