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HY 390: Jews and the West: Finding Books

Originally developed by Jason Ezell

Where To Look

Using Limiters

In OneSearch, after you perform a search, you can limit the results to "Books" or just "eBooks," if you'd like:

In SOUTHcat Catalog (New), before the search, you can limit to "Marx Library Bookstacks," "Electronic Books," or "Marx Library Reference":

Useful Subject "Headings" or "Terms"

When looking for resources on Jewish experience in certain regions, it is helpful to search subject headings or terms in the following way:

"Jews--United States"




Often, these subjects will be sub-divided into histories of certain periods, too, so you can just browse the subject listings in your results to find more specific leads/links to follow.

If you are interested in Jewish achievement in a certain field, you might try the following strategy: "Jewish _____" where you put the name for the kind of practitioner in the blank.  For example, you might find some of the following searches helpful:

"Jewish artists"

"Jewish athletes"

"Jewish bankers"

If you are interested in Jewish religion, you might try

"Jewish religious"


Other helpful search terms might be "antisemitism" for discriminatory and prejudiced practices, and "Yiddish" or "Hebrew" for research related to language.

Remember: Finding the right search terms is an iterative process.  You may have to try a number of strategies to get what you want.  Keep a list of synonyms from reference readings and from subject headings in relevant search results so that you can modify your searches when needed.