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EH 590: Oral Narrative: Finding Books


To find books and government documents in USA Libraries' collections, use SOUTHcat: USA Libraries' Catalog.

  • Catalog tips and tricks:
    • Keyword searches – use quotation marks to hold phrases together ("greek mythology")
    • Truncation – use ? after the root of a word to find all its variants (god?, finds both gods and goddesses)
    • Browse the Subject(s) field in records to find the right words for searches. (Example: Try doing a keyword search for "greek mythology" poems then look at the subject(s) field in several records. You’ll see that the subject term could be Mythology, Greek -- Poetry. Click the subject heading to find more records with this subject.)
  • Revise and refine your searches. Combine words or phrases.
  • Watch for repeating call numbers and browse stacks in that area.
  • Pay attention to the Location and Status fields. You will need this information to locate the item in the library.

Subscription E-Books

The USA Libraries subscribe to several subscription e-book collections. These collections tend to focus on a specific discipline or field of study in their coverage.

Suggested Search Terms

  • Below are some suggested search terms to use when searching the SOUTHcat catalog or library databases. Search techniques may vary with each database, so look at help screens or ask a librarian for suggestions about using quotation marks and truncation symbols.

Leave out the word "and" when doing a keyword search on SOUTHcat, since this is automatically added if the phrase is not in quotes. Put phrases in quotation marks to search as a phrase. Use ? as a truncation or wildcard symbol in the catalog. Use Advanced Boolean Search for combinations of concepts and phrases.


  • "higher education" race
  • "higher education" race history
  • university race
  • university race history
  • rhetoric race "higher education"
  • race writing "higher education"

Library of Congress Subject Headings:

  • ·        Minorities --Study and teaching (Higher) --nited States --Case studies.
  • ·        Discrimination in higher education --United States --Case studies.
  • ·        United States --Race relations --Study and teaching (Higher) --Case studies.
  • ·        Discrimination --Study and teaching (Higher) --United States.
  • ·        Discrimination in higher education --United States.
  • ·        Minority college teachers --Employment --United States.
  • ·        Minority college administrators --Employment --United States.
  • ·        Affirmative action programs --United States.
  • ·        Affirmative action programs in education --Law and legislation --United States.
  • ·        Segregation in higher education --United States.
  • ·        Minorities --Education (Higher) --United States.
  • ·        Minority college teachers --United States.
  • ·        Minority college teachers --Selection and appointment --United States.
  • ·        Faculty integration --United States.
  • ·        Minorities --Education (Higher) --United States.