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MUL 335: History of Music I: Finding Books & Articles

Suggested Search Terms

Below are some suggested search terms to use when searching OneSearch or library databases. Search techniques may vary with each database, so look at help screens or ask a librarian for suggestions about using quotation marks and truncation symbols.

Leave out the word "and" when doing a keyword search in OneSearch, since this is automatically added if the phrase is not in quotes. Put phrases in quotation marks to search as a phrase. Use * as a truncation or wildcard symbol in OneSearch. 

  • choral music
  • baroque dance
  • early opera
  • opera origin?
  • vivaldi baroque
  • italy composers
  • handel biography
  • "music education" history
  • church music history
  • women composers
  • "instrumental music" france
  • music printing
  • music "middle ages"

Citation Mining Resources

LC Classification for Music

Books About Music: ML

  • ML13: Almanacs, directories, etc. 
  • ML48: librettos
  • ML50: librettos 
  • ML55: essays, papers, addresses, etc. 
  • ML86: portraits, pictorial works 
  • ML90: writings on musicians 
  • ML93: manuscripts, autographs, facsimiles 
    • ML96.5: facsimiles of composers' works 
  • ML100: dictionaries, encyclopedias 
  • ML111: bibliography 
    • ML128: by topic (e.g., ML128.S-, string music) 
    • ML134: by composer 
  • ML159: history and criticism 
    • ML162: by chronological period 
    • ML200: by country 
    • ML385: by composer (i.e., biography) 
  • ML410: biographies of composers 
  • ML460: instruments and instrumental music 
  • ML1400: vocal music 
  • ML3781: national (i.e., "folk") music 
  • ML3800: philosophy and physics 
    • ML3805: acoustics and physics 
    • ML3845: aesthetics and aesthetic criticism 
  • MT2: history and criticism of theory 
  • MT6-MT950: instruction and study 
    • MT6: general, including appreciation of music 
    • MT40: composition 
    • MT70: orchestration 
    • MT90: analytic guides to music 
    • MT170: instrumental techniques 
    • MT820: singing and voice culture