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MGT 492: Management Analysis and Consulting: Overview

Management Analysis and Consulting [Originally created by Marty Branch, Business Librarian]


This course guide is developed to assist those students taking MGT 492 (Management Analysis and Consulting) where researching a company and its industry is required for a final presentation.

Begin your analysis with validating the SIC (Standard Industry Code) or the newer version NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) as this numeric indicator is your search key to many electronic resources.

In addition to understanding the industry and the company, you will want to gather financial information and ratios for further analysis.  I recommend you also review the company's Investor Relations page which will contain their latest filings, annual reports and other pertinent information.

By developing a SWOT analysis for both the company and the industry, you will have a solid foundation for further research and analysis.


The first resource noted below is the print version of the NAICS and I find it sometimes easier to use the book for further definitions of industry classification.

NAICS (MCOB Ref HF 1042 .N67 2012)


The two links below will take to the government website for each classification code.  While NAICS has replaced SIC, many business information providers still use the SIC as well:




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