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HY 435: Civil War and Reconstruction: ACLS Humanities E-books

HY 435 and 535 focus on the US from 1840-1877.

Finding E-Book titles

The ACLS Humanities E-Book project contains approximately 2800 books.The collection is available to USA faculty, staff and students on-campus and remotely. You can either search for a book using full-text, author, subject or title searches, or you can browse the list of books available.   

I recommend browsing by subject in this E-Book collection. 

To browse by subject – from the main page of ACLS Humanities E-Book click on “browse” at the top of the page.  Next click on “by subject” then click on the letter “I”.  From the list of subjects scroll down to “Ireland” and “Irish” using your internet browser scroll bar.

Titles in ACLS Humanities

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