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Finding Scholarly Journal Articles: EBSCO Databases

Setting limits on searches in EBSCO databases

The USA University Libraries subscribe to many EBSCO databases, covering a wide variety of fields. However, the search interface in these databases is quite similar regardless of the database. The screenshots below show the process for limiting a search in Academic Search Complete to peer-reviewed journal articles. The process for limiting your results in other EBSCO databases will be almost identical.

To search, enter your keywords in the search boxes. If you have two main concepts, put them in separate boxes and connect them with AND. Before you hit search, click the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals checkbox to limit your results to academic journals. Then, to limit your results to journal articles, select Article from the Document Type menu. Then click search.

screenshot of EBSCO's Academic Search Complete search screen with limits set

Your results will come back in relevance order. To see more information about an article, click its title to see the citation record.

screenshot of Academic Search Complete results screen

Look at the citation record to make sure what you have is relevant to your topic and meets the criteria of being an academic article.

screenshot of citation screen in Academic Search Complete