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What is a QR Code?: Create Your Own QR Code

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Create Your Own Code

Ready to create your own QR code?

You can embed all types of information into QR codes.  Specifically, URLs, email addresses, phone numbers, SMS services, and general text are great uses for QR codes.

Remember, you want whatever you embed in your QR code to be mobile-friendly, i.e. do embed a URL that directs someone to a non-mobile friendly site.  Make your QR codes useful.

Things to Remember When Creating QR Codes:

  • Make the QR code big enough.  If the code is too small, the phone will have trouble "reading" the code.  The smallest recommended size is 1" x 1".
  • Leave enough white space around the code.  1/8" of white space around the code is recommended so that the QR reader can "zone in" on the code. 
  • When connecting to URLs, make sure the URL is as short as possible.  The shorter the URL, the "neater" the code. Use URL shortener like TinyURL or

Here is a list of free QR code generator websites:



Kerem Erkan



XZing Project

QR Codes in the Wild