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EDL 561: Development of Postsecondary Education: OneSearch

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OneSearch is a new tool at USA's libraries. It allows you to search across almost all of our resources, including books, articles, media, government documents, and more.

To search OneSearch, begin with the search box on the library homepage:

screenshot of library homepage with search terms entered in OneSearch search field

Your results screen will look something like this:

screenshot of OneSearch results screen

OneSearch Results Screen

The number of results will be show at the top of the left column and the records for results will be in the center column:

OneSearch results screen with number of results, results records highlighted

Limiters are located in the left column, and additional sources available to search are in the right column:

OneSearch results screen with limiters and expanders highlighted

Limiting Search Results

Your first search will likely return a huge number of results:

Number of results

You will need to limit this. The first step is to examine your search term and see if you can be more specific. Try adding another keyword. Try using the Advanced Search link to get multiple search boxes:

Advanced Search link highlighted

Advanced search interface with two search terms entered

This will reduce the number of results:

Number of results

You can also limit using options on the left side of the page. Here is an example of setting date and source type limits:

Limiters: date and source type

The content provider menu shows the sources for the results you have retrieved. This can help you identify the individual databases that are best for your topic:

Content provider section

Locating Full Text

Information about where to access the full text of the item will be shown in the result record in the center column. For articles, the full text is usually located at the bottom of the record:

article record

Electronic books will have the link to their full text below the record:

ebook full text link

Book chapters are sometimes indexed and their full text (if available) is at the bottom of the record:

book chapter text

Print books will have call numbers and availability information located at the bottom of the record:

print book call number and location