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SURF for STEM students: Zotero and Citation Management

This guide is to help support SURF for STEM students

Getting Started with Zotero

1. Download the software package and the browser extension. 










2. Open Zotero. In your browser, search for an article in a database.

3. Click the Zotero icon at the top of your browser to save a citation from that page. The icon will change based on the type of item on the page. For example, on a library catalog page for a book, the Zotero save button will show a Book icon.


4. While writing your paper, use the Zotero tab in Word to insert citations and a bibliography.

5. See the Zotero page on "Getting Stuff Into Your Library" for more information.

This information has been modified from a Creative Commons LibGuide for MIT, available here.

How to Use Zotero

Using Zotero to Start Writing

This video shows how to use Zotero to help you start writing using your references.