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PSC 520: Research Methods and Design: Citation Mining

This guide is in support of the University of South Alabama's PSC 520 class.

Citation Mining

Citation mining is when you use a relevant book or article to find more resources on the same topic.

To mine for citations, you can use an author's name to find other publications on the same topic, or you can review the item's bibliography or reference page for additional leads.

How to Mine for Citations:

1. Use the bibliography of an article or book to find another potential source.

Screenshot of an article's References page.

2. Check our journal list to see if we have access to the publication.

Screenshot of the USA Journal & Book List

3. If we have the journal, use one of the full-text options to search for the article. You can search using the article's title or the author's name.

Screenshot of full text access. Screenshot of search results in SAGE.

5. If we don't have access to the journal, you can request the article through Interlibrary Loan.

Citation Mining Video

Journal List