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PSC 520: Research Methods and Design: Citation Styles

This guide is in support of the University of South Alabama's PSC 520 class.

Things to Remember!

As noted in your assignment prompt, you are able to choose which citation style you would like to use for this paper. JUST BE CONSISTENT! If you chose Chicago, stick with Chicago throughout your paper and all other assignments for this class. This page contains information on the major different citation styles.

Do not plagiarize! If you are concerned or are not sure what counts as plagiarism, check out our handy guide Plagiarism: Don't Let It Happen to You! for definitions and tips for avoiding plagiarism.

APA Style Manual

APA (American Psychological Association) style is commonly used in the social sciences. The APA released a 7th edition of their publication manual in 2019, which contains many updates from the previous edition.

MLA Style Manual

Disciple-Specific Citation Styles

American Anthropological Association (AAA) Citation Style

AAA Style Guide


Society for American Archaeology Style Guide

SAA Style Guide.

Chicago / Turabian Styles