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Academic Integrity: About the Academic Integrity Workshop

This LibGuide is to support faculty using the online Academic Integrity modules.

CANVAS Instructions for Joining the Academic Integrity USAOnline Course

For CANVAS: In order to participate in the academic integrity workshop, you will need to import the workshop from the Canvas Commons.  Note: This can only be done by the course instructor!

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Log-in to USAonline through Canvas.
  2. Once in Canvas, select “Commons” from the left menu.
  3. On the “Commons" page, search for “University of South Alabama Academic Integrity.”
  4. Click the "Import/Download" button on the right menu. Select the course into which you would like to import the workshop.
  5. The modules will appear on the Home page of the selected course.


The direct link to Canvas site is here:


IMPORTANT: This workshop DOES NOT work on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Students MUST complete the workshop in a desktop browser. The recommended browser is Google Chrome, which can be downloaded here.


Please contact Stephanie Ard ( or Franklin Ard (  if you encounter difficulty finding and joining the workshop site.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR INSTRUCTORS: Because the workshop uses HTML5 and not Flash, it does not capture written responses and drag-and-drop activities. However, results for the pretest and final quiz ARE readily available.
If you would like the information submitted to the activities, you might consider requiring students to screen-capture or copy-and-paste their responses.

SAKAI Instructions for Joining the Academic Integrity USAOnline Course


Please access the workshop using Canvas: