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About This Guide

This guide lists detailed information about accessing, troubleshooting, and training for SciFinder, the end-user online version of Chemical Abstracts. SciFinder is the most important resource for finding chemical information.  

I am indebted to Teri Vogel at the University of California at San Diego for allowing me to use her excellent guide as a template.

SciFinder Mobile - New

Access SciFinder from your mobile device: author, keyword, chemical name/RN searches.

With SciFinder Mobile you can:

  • find references to published research for a topic of interest
  • find information on a substance of interest, including nomenclature, molecular formula, and properties
  • find references to published research from a scientist or company of interest 

You cannot:

  • Draw structures.
  • See the complete Registry records or CAS references.
  • Link out to article text.
  • Create new answer sets or Keep Me Posteds.
  • Limit, analyze or refine searches, see cited/citing references, etc.
  • Mark, email or otherwise save any references of interest, or any other “synching” between the mobile and regular web versions.


Login to SciFinder


USA shares 3  simultaneous SciFinder logins with 5 other schools. This means that at most, only 3 people can use SciFinder at once.

New to SciFinder?

Register for access : users must register with CAS *from an on-campus computer* and receive a login name and password.

Who can use SciFinder

SciFinder is restricted to USA faculty, staff and students. Unlike most of our other electronic resources, there is no walk-in access available for non-USA affiliates on any library computer.

Non-USA patrons are welcome to use the print Chemical Abstracts available in the Marx Library Reference Department. There is also a pay-as-you-go online version for non-USA end users. See the Chemical Abstracts tab for details on these options.