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MGT 300: Management Theory and Practice: Getting Started

This course guide is to assist those students taking Management Theory and Practice (300). [Originally created by Marty Branch, Business Librarian]


The purpose of this libguide is to provide students enrolled in Management Theory and Practice (MGT 300) with recommended resources to complete their Company Analysis Project.

The first tab "Getting Started" includes the course syllabus and podcasts that will guide you through what a SWOT Analysis is and how to locate them in our databases.  The podcasts are very short in length.  The SWOT Analysis is one researcher's opinion and will have a certain date (check the date to see how old the analysis was done).  Your role is to research the company, the industry in which it resides and its competitors to see if the SWOT is still valid and refine the SWOT to become your own. 

This is an on-going process so you need to start early to provide enough time to read and research all the material you will need to complete your final SWOT and paper.


There are three podcasts (audio + screen capture video) that will be really helpful to you in this course.  They give step-by-step guidance on how to find information for this project.  Podcast 1 : Getting Started with your Project, Podcast 2 : SWOT Analysis Made Easy, and Podcast 3 : Ratios.  These are available in your MGT 300 class on the USA Sakai site. 

Company Research Resources

Course Reserves

Professors who have taught MGT 300 have provided the library with copies of good MGT 300 papers.  You are welcome to come review the papers for two hours while you are in the library.  They cannot be checked out other than for usage in the library.  You can't photocopy, scan or take photos of the papers, but you can take notes. 

Here is link to our library catalog, SOUTHCat with the papers we have for your review:

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