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EDL 575: Organization and Planning of Postsecondary Education: Finding Professional Journals

Where to Search

You have a variety of options when it comes to searching for scholarly sources, and the best to use will depend on the situation. On this page I discuss using subject-specific databases to find articles. Another option is OneSearch, which allows you to search for these sources as well as the library catalog simultaneously. This is covered on a separate tab. Since you are graduate students who will be doing substantial research projects, I encourage you to become familiar with the subject-specific options. These are initally a bit more labor-intensive but will result in your finding higher quality sources without having to wade through tons of information. 

Periodicals Locations

Periodicals (newspapers, magazines, and journals) are located in several areas of the library, depending on their format and age.

Current print periodicals: 2nd floor south, shelved alphabetically by title

Periodicals on microfilm or microfiche: 2nd floor south, in metal cabinets

Older print periodicals: 2nd floor south, shelved by call number

Electronic periodicals: accessible via the library homepage

Our Journal List

To see if a particular journal is in the Libraries' collection, or to browse journal titles by discipline, use the Our Journal List link.

Selected Databases