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Honors Program Research Guide: Writing the Honors Senior Project

Honors Theses at the Marx Library

Confronting the idea of writing a senior project can be daunting; therefore, it may be helpful for you to take a look at what earlier students in the Honors Program have written. You can find previous Honors Senior projects in the Marx Library. Try this keyword search in SOUTHcat:

dissertation? thes?s honors

Honors theses all start with the call number LD 10, so you can also do a call number search in SOUTHcat to get a list of  titles:

Dissertations and theses in the Marx Library are all located in the Reference area on the 2nd Floor North, but they can be checked out like any other circulating book.

About the Senior Project

The Honors Senior Project is designed to help you actually apply what you've learned in your discipline. It allows you to explore your discipline in a creative and scholarly manner, and it will include a public presentation of your project.

While your mentors will be the ones to help you with most of the phases of your project, including design and implementation, librarians can assist you with the literature search, literature review, and citation parts of your project. Feel free to contact me about any of these issues.

Kathy Wheeler
Phone: (251) 460-7938

Writing Resources