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National Geographic Virtual Library: Exploring National Geographic

Search National Geographic


National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler can be searched or browsed. To browse, choose Browse Magazines. You can limit to the magazine you're interested in or you can browse both. Limiting by date range is also an option.

National Geographic Browse

Explore Topics

Choose from the following general areas:

  1. Animals
  2. Environment
  3. History
  4. People and Cultures
  5. Science and Technology
  6. Travel

From there you can choose to search the topic, view featured images, read feature articles, read books or view videos on this topic.

Explore Topics

Term Frequency

Term frequency is an interesting feature of the National Geographic Virtual Library that lets you:

  1. See how often a term shows up in National Geographic -- currently or historically
  2. Map terms against each other
  3. View those terms by fthe number of times they appear each year (frequency) or by the percentage of total documents (popularity)

Term Frequency