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Personal Essays -- Individual Authors

Selected Authors

Here are some authors who write frequently in the personal essay genre:

Montaigne, Michel de PQ 1642 Woolf, Virginia PR 6045 .O72
Edgeworth, Maria PR 8815 Beerbohm, Max PR 6003 .E4
Dillard, Annie PS 3554 .I398 Didion, Joan PS 3554 .I33
Baldwin, James PS 3552 .A45 Turgenev, Ivan PG 3421
Rich, Adrienne PS 3535 .I233 Oates, Joyce Carol PS 3565 .A8
Thurber, James PS 3539 .H94 Orwell, George PR 6029 .R8


Personal Essays -- Anthologies

Finding Essays in SOUTHcat

Finding essays in SOUTHcat can be a bit tricky. Try the following searches:


personal essays
personal essays antholog?
essays antholog?

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