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Leisure Reading: Fiction: Dystopian Fiction

Selected Titles

Selected Young Adult Dystopian Fiction

Selected Authors

Roth, Veronica                             PZ 7 .R7375
Collins, Suzanne                        PZ 7 .O6837
McCarthy, Cormac                      PS 3563. C337
King, Stephen                              PS 3561 .I483
Atwood, Margaret                        PR 9199.3 .A8
Piercy, Marge                               PS 3566 .I4
Dick, Philip K.                              PS 3554 .I3
Wells, H.G.                                   PR 5772 and PR 5774
Orwell, George                            PR 6029 .R8
Huxley, Aldous                             PR 6015 .U9
Lowry, Lois                                   PZ 7 .L9673 (Especially The Giver and its sequels)
Vonnegut, Kurt                             PS 3572 .O5 
London, Jack                                PS 3523 .O46 (Especially The Iron Heel)
Gibson, William                           PR 9199.3 .G53           

Finding Dystopian Fiction in SOUTHcat

Try the following searches for post apocalyptic fiction in the Marx Library


apocalyptic fiction
survival fiction
dystopian fiction

Subject Heading Browse

Environmental disasters -- fiction
Regression (Civilization) -- fiction
survival skills -- juvenile fiction
insurgency -- fiction
Dystopias -- juvenile fiction
Dystopias -- fiction