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Leisure Reading: Fiction: Gothic & Horror

Selected Titles

Selected Authors

Lovecraft, H.P.                                             PS 3523.O833
Shelley, Mary Wollenstonecraft               PR 5397
King, Stephen                                             PS 3561 .I483
Poe, Edgar Allan                                        PS 2600 - PS 3631
Rice, Anne                                                   PS 3568 .I265
Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan                      PR4879 .L7
Stoker, Bram                                               PR 6037 .T617
Collins, Wilkie                                            PR 4494
Stevenson, Robert Louis                         PR 5484
Jackson, Shirley                                        PS 3519 .A392
Seton, Anya                                                 PS 3537 .E787
De La Roche, Mazo                                   PR 6007 .E34
Du Maurier, Daphne                                  PR 6007 .U47
Holt, Victoria                                                PR 6015 .I3
Leroux, Gaston                                           PQ 2623 .E6
Hariis, Thomas                                          PS 3558 .A656
James, Henry                                             PS 2116 .T8 1966 The Turn of the Screw
Hawthorne, Nathaniel                               PS 1850 - PS 1881
Straub, Peter                                               PS 3569 .T6914
Radcliffe, Ann                                              PR 5202
Blackwood, Algernon                                 PR 6003 .L3
Kafka, Franz                                                 PT 2621 .A26
Alcott, Louisa May                                       PS 1016 - PS 1017
Bierce, Ambrose                                         PS 1097
Shellabarger, Samuel                               PS 3537 .H64
Stewart, Mary                                               PR 6037 .T468
Whitney, Phyllis                                           PS 3573 .H54

Finding Gothic/Horror Fiction in SOUTHcat

To find horror or gothic fiction in the Marx Library, try the following searches:


horror novels
horror fiction
vampires fiction
vampire novels
zombies fiction
zombies novels
monsters fiction
supernatural fiction

Subject Heading Browse

Horror stories
Supernatural -- comic books, strips, etc.
Horror tales
magic -- fiction
ghost stories
monsters in literature