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Leisure Reading: Fiction: Crime & Mysteries

Selected Titles

Selected Authors

Allingham, Margery

PR 6001 .L78


Innes, Michael

PR 6037 .T46

Biggers, Earl

PS 3503 .I54


James, P.D.

PR 6060 .A467

Block, Lawrence

PS 3552 .L63


Keating, H R F

PR 6061 .E26

Buchan, John

PR 6003 .U13 A6


Le Fanu, Joseph S.

PR 4879 .L7

Burnett, W R

PS 3503 .U6258


Leonard, Elmore

PS 3572 .E55

Cain, James M.

PS 3505 .A3113


Lovesey, Peter

PR 6062 .O96

Chandler, Raymond

PS 3505 .H3224


McBain, Ed

PS 3515 .U8513

Chesterton, G.K.

PR 4453 .C4


Marsh, Ngaio

PR 9639.3 .M27

Christie, Agatha

PR 5004 .H66


Mortimer, John

PR 6025 .O7552

Collins, Wilkie

PR 4454 .M6 & .W6


Mosley, Walter

PS 3563 .O88456

Condon, Richard

PS 3553 .O487


Peters, Ellis

PR 6031 .A49

Crispin, Edmund

PR 6025 .O46


Poe, Edgar Allan

PS 2602 & 2612

Derleth, August

PS 3507 .E69


Queen, Ellery

PS 3533 .U4

Doyle, Arthur Conan

PR 4620 – 4624


Rendell, Ruth

PR 6068 .E63

Du Maurier, Daphne

PR 6007 .U47


Rinehart, Mary Roberts

PS 3535 .I73

Ellroy, James

PS 3585 .L6274


Rohmer, Sax

PR 6045 .A37

Estleman, Loren

PS 3555 .S84


Sanders, Lawrence

PS 3569 .A5125

Forrest, Katherine

PS 3556 .O737



PR 6025 .A317

Francis, Dick

PS 6056 .R27


Sayers, Dorothy

PR 6037 .A95

Freeling, Nicolas

PR 6056 .R4


Simenon, Georges

PQ 2637 .I53

Gabriau, Emile

PQ 2257 .G2


Smith, Martin Cruz

PS 3569 .M5377

Gardner, Erle Stanley

PS 3513 .A6322


Spillane, Mickey

PS 3537 .P652

Gores, Joe

PS 3557 .O751


Stewart, Mary

PR 6037 .T468

Grimes, Martha

PS 3557 .R48998


Stout, Rex

PS 3537 .T733

Grisham, John

PS 3557 .R5355


Symons, Julian1

PR 6037 .Y5

Haines, Carolyn

PS 3558 .A329


Tartt, Donna

PS 3570 .A652

Hammett, Dashiel

PS 3515 .A4347


Tey, Josephine

PR 6025 .A2547

Harris, Thomas

PS 3558 .A6558


Thomas, Ross

PS 3570 .H58

Highsmith, Patricia

PS 3558 .I366


Thompson, Jim

PS 3539 .H6733

Higgins, George V.

PS 3558 .I356


Turow, Scott

PS 3570 .U754

Higgins, Jack

PR 6058 .I343


Wambaugh, Joseph

PS 3573 .A475

Himes, Chester

PS 3515 .I713


Woolrich, Cornell

PS 3515 .O6455

Heyer, Georgette

PR 5015 .E795




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