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Leisure Reading: Fiction: Historical Fiction

Selected Titles

Selected Authors

Auel, Jean  (prehistoric)                                                               PS 3551 .U36
Barnes, Margaret (Tudor England)                                            PR 6003 .A68
Thane, Elswyth (U.S. History)                                                     PS 3539 .H143
Caldwell, Taylor (classical, Biblical)                                         PS 3505 .A364
Chambers, Robert  W. (U.S./Canada)                                      PS 1284
Clavell, James (Asian)                                                                 PS 3553 .L365  and PR 6053 .L365
Cornwell, Bernard (King Arthur)                                                 PR 6053 .O75
Costain, Thomas (England, other)                                            PS 3505 .O818
Dumas, Alexandre (France)                                                        PQ 2226
Dunnett, Dorothy (England)                                                        PR 6054 .U56
Fast, Howard (U.S., other)                                                           PS 3511 .A784
Feuchtwanger, Lion (Biblical, other)                                         PT 2611 .E85
Fletcher, Inglis (Scotland)                                                           PS 3511 .L449
Forester, C.S.   (British naval)                                                    PR 6011 .O56
Garrett, George (England)                                                          PS 3557 .A72
Gerson, Noel (England, U.S.)                                                    PS 3513 .E8679
Graves, Robert (Classical)                                                         PR 6013 .R35
Henty, G.A. (England, Scotland)                                                PR 4785 .H55
Hill, Pamela (England)                                                               PR 6058 .I446
Irwin, Margaret (Tudor England)                                               PR 6017 .R84
Jakes, John (U.S.)                                                                       PS 3560 .A37
Kaye, M.M. (India)                                                                         PR 6061 .A945
Lofts, Nora (England)                                                                  PR 6023 .O35
NcCullough, Colleen (Rome)                                                    PR 9619.3 .M32
Morrison, Toni (U.S.)                                                                   PS 3563 .O8749
Pargeter, Edith (England, Wales)                                             PR 6031 .A49
Renault, Mary (Classical Greece)                                             PR 6035 .E55
Roberts, Kenneth (North America)                                           PS 3535 .O176
Sabatini, Rafael (French Revolution)                                       PR 6037 .A2
Schoonover, Lawrence (French & American Revolutions)  PS 3569  .C527
Scott, Walter (Scotland)                                                               PR 5317
Seton, Anya (Medieval England, other)                                     PS 3537 .E787
Sienkiewicz, Henryk (Rome, other)                                           PG 7158 .S4
Slaughter, Frank (various)                                                           PS 3537 .L38
Stevenson, Robert Louis (Scotland)                                         PR 5484
Stone, Irving (fictional biography)                                               PS 3537 .T669
Undset, Sigrid (Norway)                                                               PT 8950 .U5
Vidal, Gore (U.S.)                                                                           PS 3543 .I26
Waltari, Mika (Classical, Ancient Egypt)                                    PH 355 .W3         
Waugh, Evelyn (World Wars)                                                       PR 6045 .A97
Wellman, Paul (U.S. West)                                                           PS 3545 .E52859
Whyte, Jack (Roman Britain)                                                       PR 9199.3 .W4589  

Finding Historical Fiction in SOUTHcat

Try the following searches in SOUTHcat to find Historical Fiction in the Marx Library:


war fiction
history fiction
world war ii fiction
holocaust fiction
artists fiction
Japan fiction
Rome fiction
Egypt fiction

Subject Heading Browse

Hatshepsut, Queen of Egypt --  Fiction
Arthur, King -- fiction
historical fiction
Great Britain -- History, Naval -- 19th century -- fiction
war stories
World War, 1939-1945 -- Germany -- Fiction
Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945) -- Fiction