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Leisure Reading: Fiction: Science Fiction

Selected Titles

Selected Authors

Adams, Douglas

PR  6051 .D3352


Farmer, Philip Jose

PS 3556 .A72

Aldiss, Brian

PR 6051 .L3


Heinlein, Robert

PS 3515 .E288

Asimov, Isaac

PS 3551 .S5


Herbert, Frank

PS 3558 .E63

Ballard, J.G.

PR 6052 .A46


Niven, Larry

PS 3564 .I9

Blish, James

PS 3503 .L64


Pohl, Frederik

PS 3566 .O36

Bova, Ben

PS 3552 .O84


Silverberg, Robert

PS 3569 .I472

Brunner, John

PR 6052 .R8


Spinrad, Norman

PS 3569 .P55

Butler, Octavia

PS 3552 .U827


Vance, Jack

PS 3572 .A424

Cherryh, C.J.

PS 3553 .H358


Verne, Jules

PQ 2469

Clarke, Arthur C.

PR 6005 .L36


Wells, H.G.

PR 5774

Crichton, Michael

PS 3553 .R48


Williamson, Jack

PS 3545 .I557

Dick, Philip K.

PS 3554 .I3


Zelazny, Roger

PS 3576 .E43

Finding Science Fiction in SOUTHcat

Try the following searches to locate science fiction books in the Marx Library:


robots fiction
space ships fiction
space fiction
time travel fiction
cyborgs fiction
apocalypse fiction

Subject Heading Browse

Genetic engineering -- fiction
space colonies -- fiction
space and time -- fiction
regression (civilization) -- fiction