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Leisure Reading: Fiction: Fantasy

Selected Titles

Selected Authors

Adams, Richard

PR 6051 .D345


Anderson, Poul

PS 3551 .N378

Anthony, Piers

PS 3551 .N73


Bear, Greg

PS 3552 .E157

Bradbury, Ray

PS 3503 .R167


Bradley, Marion Z.

PS 3552 .R228

Brooks, Terry

PS 3552 .R6596


Card, Orson Scott

PS 3553 .A655

Dickson, Gordon R.

PS 3554 .I328


Donaldson, Stephen R.

PS 3554 .O469

Foster, Alan Dean

PS 3556 .O756


Holdstock, Robert

PR 6058 .O442

King, Stephen

PS 3561 .I483


Le Guin, Ursula K.

PS 3562 .E42

Leiber, Fritz

PS 3523 .E423


Lewis, C.S.

PR 6023 .E926

Lustbader, Eric Van

PS 3562 .U752


Martin, George R.R.

PS 3563 .A7239

McCaffrey, Anne

PS 3563 .A255


Norton, Andre

PS 3527 .O632

Sargent, Pamela

PS 3569 .A6887


Tolkien, J.R.R.

PR 6039 .O32

Whyte, Jack

PR 9199.3 .W4589




Finding Fantasy Fiction in SOUTHcat

Try the following SOUTHcat searches to locate fantasy fiction in the Marx Library:


fantasy fiction
King Arthur fiction
Camelot fiction
quests fiction

Subject Heading Browse

fantasy fiction, American
bears -- fiction
magic -- fiction
wizards -- fiction
elves -- fiction
quests (expeditions) -- fiction