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Leisure Reading: Fiction: General Fiction

Selected Titles

Selected Authors

Adams, Richard
Allende, Isabel
Alvarez, Julia
Atwood, Margaret
Brookner, Anita 
Byatt, A.S.
Chabon, Michael 
Chevalier, Tracy 
Cisneros, Sandra
Coetzee, J.M.  
Coupland, Douglas
Cunningham, Michael   
 DeLillo, Don  
Doctorow, E.L. 
Ellison, Ralph
Erdrich, Louise
Esquivel, Laura 
Foden, Giles 
Ford, Richard 
Guterson, David 
Heller, Joseph  
Hiaasen, Carl 
Hosseini, Khaled
Huxley, Aldous
Irving, John
Jelinek, Elfriede
Kidd, Sue Monk
Kostova, Elizabeth
Lamb, Wally

PR 6051 .D345
PQ 8098 .1 .L54
PS 3551 .L845
PR 9199.3 .A8
PR 6052 .R5816
PR 6052 .Y2
PS 3553 .H15
PS 3553 .H4367
PS 3553 . I78
PR 9369.3 .C58
PS 3553 . O855
PS 3553 .U484
PS 3554 .E4425
PS 3554 .O3
PS 3555 .L625
PS 3555 .R42
PQ 7298.15 .S638
PR 6056 .O27
PS 3556 .O713
PS 3557 .U846
PS 3558 .E43/.E476
PS 3558 .I217
PS 3608 .O832 K58
PR 6015 .U9
PS 3559 .R8
PT 2670 .E46
PS 3611 .I44
PS 3611 .O74927
PS 3562 .A433

Le Carre, John
Lee, Chang-rae
Lessing, Doris
Mailer, Norman
McCarthy, Cormac
Messud, Claire
Moody, Rick
Munro, Alice
Naslund, Sena Jeter
Orwell, George
Patchett, Ann
Picoult, Jodi
Proulx, Annie
Roth, Philip
Rushdie, Salman
Salinger, J.D.
Smiley, Jane
Spark, Muriel
Tartt, Donna
Toole, John Kennedy
Vonnegut, Kurt
Wallace, David Foster
Waters, Sarah
Welsh, Irvine
Whitehead, Colson
Wolfe, Tom
Wolff, Tobias
PR 6062 .E33
PS 3562  .E3347
PR 6023 .E833
PS 3525 .A4152
PS 3563 .C337
PS 3563 .E8134
PS 3563 .O5537
PR 9199.3 .M8
PS 3564 .A827
PR 6029 .R8
PS 3566 .A7756
PS 3566 .I372 P58 2000
PS 3566 .R697
PS 3568 .O855
PR 6068 .U757
PS 3537 .A426
PS 3569 .M39
PR 6037 .P29
PS 3570 .A657
PS 3570 .A657
PS 3572 .O5
PS 3573 .A425635
PR 6073 .A828
PR 6073 .E47
PS 3573 .H4768
PS 3573 .O526
PS 3573 .O558

Finding General Fiction in SOUTHcat

Fiction titles have not always had genre headings like they do now so finding fiction in the Marx Library when you do not have an author or title can be a complicated affair. Try adding fiction to any topic you are interested in as in the following searches:


sisters fiction
loss fiction
healing fiction
Nazis fiction
Atlantis fiction
war fiction
revolution fiction
Jews fiction
women fiction
African Americans fiction
men fiction
gays fiction

Subject Heading Browse

Boys -- fiction
Mother and child -- fiction
Psychopaths -- fiction
Conduct of life -- fiction
Genetic engineering -- fiction
France -- History -- Revolution, 1775-1783 -- fiction
Lesbians -- fiction
Mistresses -- fiction
Biographical fiction
Love stories
Married people -- fiction
Revenge --- fiction
Fate and fatalism -- fiction