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Scopus Abstract and Citation Database: Document Search

Document Search

The default tab when you enter Scopus is the document search screen. To search for a phrase, enclose the phrase in quotation marks. Connect search terms with Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT). AND is the most commonly used Boolean operator; it narrows a search. Several types of limits are available below the search box.

annotated image of default search screen in Scopus (document search)

Results Screen

The results screen defaults to show documents within Scopus (citations/abstracts only), but tabs for web sources and patents are also available. The default search result is to order by date with most recent items at the top. Since Scopus does not provide full text of indexed items, you will need to use the check for full text button to find the actual article. You can limit by a number of facets using the menu options on the left.

annotated image of Scopus results screen

Abstract View

You can view the abstract from the results screen by choosing the show abstract option.

annotated image of an article abstract in Scopus

Changing the Results Ordering

Results can be reordered in various ways, including by relevance and number of times the document has been cited.

annotated image of results sorted by relevance rather than date

Finding Citing Documents

To view documents that cite a particular document, click on the number in the citations column and you will be directed to a results screen showing this information.

annotated image of citing documents screen