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Scopus Abstract and Citation Database: Author Search

Information from Elsevier

Scopus includes the ability to search by author via the author search tab. A nice feature of Scopus is that it includes author profiles with information about a particular individual.

Author Search

To search, enter the author's last name and then initials or first name. You may also enter an affiliation.

screenshot of Scopus author search screen

Author Results

The authors field of the results screen shows variant names that the author has used in publications.

annotated image of Scopus author search results

Author Profile

To view an author's profile, click on the name in the authors field on the results screen. The author profile includes information about the author, including affiliation, number of documents, number of citations, and publication history. This information only applies to material that is indexed by Scopus.

screenshot of the Scopus author profile page

Author Results

Clicking on the number of documents from either the author result screen or the author profile screen presents you with a list of all the author's documents that are indexed within Scopus.

screenshot of author results screen