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PSC 360: Politics of Europe (Fall 2023): Academic Search Complete

Academic Search Complete

Below is a demonstration of how to use Academic Search Complete. This database provides access to journal articles across a wide variety of disciplines. Most articles are full-text, but occasionally you might find an article the USA Libraries does not own. If this happens, you can request the article using interlibrary loan.

Watch the video below (about 7 minutes) to learn about using Academic Search Complete. You should generate your keywords and search terms before searching the databases. If you need to review how do this, watch the video linked here.

(Click Screen Shot 2020-10-09 at 3.13.24 PM.png at the top of the video to watch this in full-screen mode. This video will be easier to see on a desktop or laptop computer, as the detail might be too small on your phone.)

You can access Academic Search Complete through the Marx Library's Databases & e-Reference page. Remember to use your search terms when searching Academic Search Complete.