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PSC 360: Politics of Europe (Fall 2023): Books & Reference


To find books and government documents in USA Libraries' collections, use SOUTHcat: USA Libraries' Catalog.

  • Catalog tips and tricks:
    • Keyword searches – use quotation marks to hold phrases together ("european union")
    • Truncation – use ? after the root of a word to find all its variants (gyps? would find gypsy or gypsies)
    • Browse the Subject(s) field in records to find the right words for searches. (Example: Try doing a keyword search for "gyps? europe", then look at the subject(s) field in several records. You’ll see that the subject term could be Romanies --Ethnic identity  or 
        Travelers --Civil rights --Europe.
      Click the subject heading to find more records with this subject.)
  • Revise and refine your searches. Combine words or phrases.
  • Watch for repeating call numbers and browse stacks in that area.
  • Pay attention to the Location and Status fields. You will need this information to locate the item in the library.

You can access SOUTHcat from the Marx Library homepage.

Subscription E-Books

The USA Libraries subscribe to several subscription e-book collections. These collections tend to focus on a specific discipline or field of study in their coverage.

Selected Reference Titles