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PSC 360: Politics of Europe (Fall 2023): Example Topic / Search Term Generation

Keywords and Search Terms

Watch the following video about finding keywords and generating search terms. If you visited the library during your EH 102 class, this will look familiar to you, but it's a great idea to review! 



Are you having trouble? Try doing a Google search or using Wikipedia/another encyclopedia to familiarize yourself with the topic's vocabulary and get ideas for your search terms. Just make sure you go back to the library databases to find the sources you plan to use in your paper!

Not sure if you're doing it right? Think of this as a brainstorming activity. You can't do it wrong--if a search term doesn't work, simply try another until you find what you need. You can also add new search terms if you get ideas from the articles you find.

Example Topic/ Search Term Generation

Example topic: What have been the impacts of Brexit on the European Union?

Use different combinations of keywords and related terms to find additional information. Try to use one term from each row to avoid leaving out relevant concepts.