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EDL 562: The Student in Higher Education: Finding Books and E-Books

This guide provides information to support Dr. Howell's EDL 562 class in the Spring 2015 semester.

Books Available for Review Assignment

Finding Books by Title or Author

When you need to find a book, there are several ways to do this. One way is to use the USA Libraries' catalog, SOUTHcat. You can access this from the Marx Library homepage.

screenshot of Marx Library homepage with SOUTHcat links highlighted

If you have a particular book in mind and you know the title, you can do a title search. Select title in the Search by box and enter the title in the search box. If the title starts with an initial article (a, an, the), leave the article out. Capitalization doesn't matter but spelling does. You do not need to enter the entire title - you can do the first few words but you must be exact.

screenshot of SOUTHcat search screen with search and search by boxes highlighted

If the library has the book, you should see a catalog record that gives you information about the book and where to find it. The location information is below the gray line. Be sure to note the location, which includes the library (for education your books should be in the Marx Library or electronic collections), the section of the library (most likely bookstacks), and the call number. It will also tell you if the book is available. Location charts for call numbers are available at service desks in the library. They are also posted in and near the Marx Library elevators.

screenshot of catalog record with location information highlighted

If you know a book's author, you can do an author search - simply choose author in the search by box and enter the author's name, last name first, in the search box.

screenshot of SOUTHcat showing author search

Finding Books by Topic

If you want to find a book on a topic but don't know a specific title, do a keyword search. You may need to repeat your search a few times with different keywords to get the best results. You can put phrases in quotation marks (example: "higher education"). Do not include the word and in your search.

screenshot of SOUTHcat showing keyword search

Your results screen will list items that contain your keywords somewhere in their records.

screenshot of SOUTHcat results screen

To get more information about a book, click on the title. The subjects field can give you ideas for good search terms, or you can click through on it to see more items with that label.

screenshot of SOUTHcat record with subjects field highlighted

This particular item is an electronic book, which means you can access the full text of the book through your computer by clicking the link. The Marx Library has a large number of e-books, but they are not all listed in SOUTHcat. More information about e-books is available elsewhere in this guide. 

screenshot of SOUTHcat record with location information for e-book highlighted


Finding E-Books

The USA Libraries have a large collection of academic e-books. Some but not all of these e-books are listed in SOUTHcat. To see the full list of e-book collections held by the Marx Library, follow the e-books link from the library homepage.

screenshot of Marx Library homepage with e-books locations highlighted.

screenshot of Marx Library E-Books webpage