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CH 492/493 - Chemistry Seminar: Home

About This Guide

This guide was designed as a Library resource page for CH 492/493. Since SciFinder is the most important research for finding chemical information, most of the guide is devoted to it. Other resources for finding chemical and scientific information are included on the Article Databases tab and in the Related Guides at the bottom of this column.

I am indebted to Teri Vogel at the University of California at San Diego for allowing me to use her excellent guide as a template.

SciFinder Mobile - New

Access SciFinder from your mobile device: author, keyword, chemical name/RN searches.

With SciFinder Mobile you can:

  • find references to published research for a topic of interest
  • find information on a substance of interest, including nomenclature, molecular formula, and properties
  • find references to published research from a scientist or company of interest 

You cannot:

  • Draw structures.
  • See the complete Registry records or CAS references.
  • Link out to article text.
  • Create new answer sets or Keep Me Posteds.
  • Limit, analyze or refine searches, see cited/citing references, etc.
  • Mark, email or otherwise save any references of interest, or any other “synching” between the mobile and regular web versions.

Login to SciFinder


USA shares 3  simultaneous SciFinder logins with 5 other schools. This means that at most, only 3 people can use SciFinder at once.

New to SciFinder?

Register for access : users must register with CAS and receive a login name and password.

Who can use SciFinder

SciFinder is restricted to USA faculty, staff and students. Unlike most of our other electronic resources, there is no walk-in access available for non-USA affiliates on any library computer.

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