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Publication Metrics: Journal Citation Reports

Information in InCites

ISI's Journal Citation Reports provides a wide variety of information on the journals it indexes, which is over 7000 covering many disciplines; included among those titles that are Open Access journals. Information for the JCR is drawn from two sources: Science Citation Index Expanded and Social Sciences Citation Index. Among the types of data included for a source are the following:

  1. Total cites: total number of times each journal has been cited by all journals in the database within the current year.
  2. Impact factor: the frequency with which an average article from a journal is cited within a particular year.
  3. Five year impact factor
  4. Immediacy Index: how frequently the average article from a journal is cited in the same year in which the article is published.
  5. Rank in category: the journals numerical rank when compared to other journals with the same assigned subject area.

For more detailed definitions and to see the other kinds of data supplied by JCR, see the Journal Citation Reports Quick Reference Card.

There is a debate surrounding the usefulness of impact factors. For more on this debate and on impact factors, in general, see Michigan State University's guide to Journal Impact Factors.

JCR Search Screen

The JCR search screen allows researchers to to view journals by rank or to view categories by rank.

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