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EE: Electrical & Computer Engineering: Style Manuals

About References

"The references of your paper are the foundation on which your work is built. They provide the scientific background that justifies the research you have undertaken and the methods you have used. They provide the context in which your research should be interpreted. They should not be collected as an afterthought when your research project is complete. A literature search and reading of the relevant references should be the starting points of any research project."
- Howell, Simon. "References." How to write a paper. Ed. George M. Hall. 3rd ed. London: BMJ Books, 2003. 51.

Academic Integrity

"As a community of students and scholars, The University strives to set and maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. All members of the university community are expected to exhibit honesty and competence in academic work. This responsibility can be met only through earnest and continuing good faith effort on the part of all students and faculty."

The Lowdown, "Student Academic Conduct Policy"

Style Guides in the Library

Style in most scientific writing is defined by the journals themselves.  It's best to look for the "Instructions for Authors" information on the website specific for the journal of planned submission. The manuals below may be helpful as starting points for addressing issues of citation and bibliographic style, while Pet peeves, bêtes noires and just plain bad writing in journal papers, theses and dissertations by Ben Hodges is useful for dealing with writing style in general.

APA Guides on the Web