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EH 225: Early American Literature: Finding Books

Finding Books

1.  Begin by locating the library's OneSearch on the library homepage.  OneSearch allows you to search a majority of the library's electronic holdings at one time.

2. Begin with a simple author search, When searching for books, it's often best to start with a simple search, as most books are written on more general topics.  Example: Books about the work of Nathaniel Hawthorne will most assuredly address The Scarlet Letter.  Click Search.

3.  The next screen is the result screen.  On the left margin of the screen are your limits.  In order to limit to only books we need to select that box and click update. Note that this limit includes records for both print and electronic books.

Our results are now limited to only print and electronic books.

4. If we need to, we can limit our search further by adding an additional search.  In this case, a major work. Click on "Advanced Search" for more search boxes. Be sure to re-limit to books.

5. Review your results.  To select the record for a book, click on the title.  This will take you to the book's record.  If the book is a print book, note the book's call number.  

This number is how you locate the book in the library.