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CAS 100: College Success (Diaz): Home

Library resources for the group debate/paper assignment in Mr. Diaz's CAS 100 class, fall 2012

Developing a Search Strategy

Before you begin searching, you need to develop a search strategy. Library search tools do not answer questions - they return results based on a search query. This means that you cannot enter a question and expect an answer. Instead, enter key concepts from your research question. Often, you will need to revise your search terms several times to find the one that works best for your topic. You will also need to refine your search. Usually, this means narrowing your search by adding additional terms.

OneSearch - Books and Articles (journal, magazine, newspaper)

OneSearch allows you to search the library catalog (SOUTHcat - contains books, government documents, media) and many of our library databases simultanously. This is a very broad search that will result in many, many results. It may be a good starting point.

OneSearch for USA Libraries
Limit Your Results

Academic Search Complete - Articles (journal, magazine, newspaper)

Academic Search Complete is a multidisciplinary database. It is a good starting point for almost any research project. It contains mostly articles from academic journals, magazines, and newspapers.

Proquest Newspapers - Articles (newspaper)

Proquest Newsstand contains newspaper articles from many pages, going back as far as 1980.