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OneSearch at USA Libraries: Using OneSearch

An overview of USA Libraries' OneSearch tool (also known as EBSCO Discovery Service)

Getting Started

The OneSearch search box is located in the center of the Marx Library homepage.

screenshot of Marx Library homepage with OneSearch highlighted

To get started, enter a search term in the box, then hit search.

screenshot of search term in OneSearch search box

Search Results and Narrowing

Because you are searching so many sources, you will likely get a huge number of results.

OneSearch results screen with number of results highlighted

Fortunately, there are many ways to narrow the number of results. The first is to make your search more specific by adding another keyword.

OneSearch results screen for narrowed search

The left column provides a number of options for further limiting your search by options such as date range, full-text availability, type of source, and more.

screenshot of left column containing search results limit options

The content provider facet provides information about where your search results are coming from. This can give you an idea of the important databases in your field. You can limit your results to only some of these sources by using the checkboxes.

content provider section, showing the sources of search results

Advanced Searching

OneSearch also has an advanced search option. To access it, select the option below the search box.

OneSearch search box with advanced search link highlighted

This gives you multiple search boxes and a number of options to limit your results.

screenshot of a OneSearch advanced search

This search returns fewer results.

results set from an advanced search