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EE 401/404: Electrical & Computer Engineering Design: IEEE Xplore

Available Material in Xplore

USA has fulltext access to the journals in the IEEE All-Society Periodicals Package (ASPP), 1997-current and a few other items only. To be sure to find materials with available fulltext, limit your search to "My Subscribed Content" as shown on this page.

You may still search for conference proceedings, IET journals, and other content in Xplore, but full-text is only available for the ASPP journals. On results lists, look for the green unlock icon for available full-text.

Finding Fulltext Articles in IEEE Xplore

From the IEEE Xplore homepage, choose "Advanced Search," then choose the "My Subscribed Content" radio button:

Screenshot from IEEE Xplore Advanced Search page showing the My Subscribed Content button


On a result list, look for the green "unlock" icon to tell which items are available in fulltext:

Screenshot from IEEE Xplore results page showing a green unlock button indicating available fulltext


Searching with IEEE Xplore

Advanced Searching with IEEE Xplore