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HY 433: The American Revolution: Primary Sources

Primary Sources

A guide to understanding and finding primary sources at the USA Marx Library can be found here.


Finding Primary Sources Using SOUTHcat

Use the USA Marx Library Catalog: SOUTHcat to locate books, videos, and audio materials located in the USA Library. 

Use some of the keywords listed in the examples under Primary Sources and add a personal name, country, or time period.

Examples of Keyword Searches:

     elizabeth browning letters

     thomas jefferson correspondence

     "civil war" "united states" "personal narrative?" (phrase search combined with truncation search)

     renaissance sources

     george washington papers

     lewis clark journals

     michelangelo drawings

     mormon "life writings"

You may also search Subject Heading Keyword using many of the same terms.

Examples of Subject Heading Keyword:

     "united states" history sources

     women diaries

     presidents speeches

     faulkner correspondence