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Laptop Connections in the Marx Library: Setting up Wireless Access

Computer Specifications

Your laptop or other wireless device must have:

  1. A wireless card meeting at least the B or G standard.
  2. The proper TCP/IP Ethernet drivers to support DHCP (Dynamic Addressing.)

You may need to reboot to establish your connection


Your device should detect the Marx Library's wireless access automatically. If you are given a choice of networks, choose OPEN.  The OPEN wireless network does not require a password.

Connecting if Your Device Does Not Automatically Detect a Network

Windows 7

  1. Choose Start Start
  2. Choose Control Panel -->Network and Sharing Center
  3. Connect to a Network (under Change your networking settings) -->Choose OPEN

Network sharing


  1. Tap the Settings buttoniPad Settings
  2. Tap Wi-Fi and make sure the setting is On
  3. Choose the OPEN network

Wireless setup for iPad