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CIS 321: Data Communication and Networking: Finding Articles

Finding Articles

Use article databases to identify articles on specific topics, as well as to locate full-text electronic articles. Find them on the Databases & e-Reference page linked from the Library homepage. Specialized computer and engineering databases can be found by choosing the "Computer Science" or "Engineering" tags from the Tags list on the right of the page. Remote access is available for most journals.

Multdisciplinary databases such as Academic Search Complete should be used to ensure a comprehensive search. Once you have chosen your paper topic, consult a librarian to see which databases are the best suited for your reseach. Here is a guide about finding fulltext articles.

Multidisciplinary Databases

These databases are more broadly focused, but are easier to search and provide access to many relevant journals not indexed in the primary computing related databases. They should be included in any comprehensive search. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SUBJECT INDEXING PROVIDED IN ACADEMIC SEARCH COMPLETE!  You may find broader/narrower/related terms that can improve your searches in other databases.

Computer & Electrical Engineering Databases

These are the most directly focused databases for computer/information science and computer engineering.

Searching with IEEE Xplore

Advanced Searching with IEEE Xplore