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AN 101: Introduction to Archaeology and Physical Anthropology: Searching National Geographic

A guide to searching National Geographic as part of the critical thinking assignment in Dr. Phil Carr's Anthropology 101

Critical Thinking Resources

In the introduction of your project, you will write a description of critical thinking and bias. A few resources that may be useful for you as you work on this are linked below.

Locating National Geographic Online

To access National Geographic Virtual Library, begin at the Marx Library homepage. Select the Databases link, highlighted below. 

Marx Library homepage with databases link highlighted

This will take you to an alphabetical list of library databases. Select National Geographic. 

National Geographic Online link on databases page

If you are off campus, you will need to login. Use the same credentials you use for Sakai - your J number and JagMail password. 

remote access login

Advanced Search

From the National Geographic homepage, select Advanced Search (highlighted below).

National Geographic home screen with advanced search link highlighted

Enter your search term and set three limits: publication, content type, and publication date.

Publication: National Geographic Magazine

Content Type: Feature Articles

Publication Date: January 1888 to December 1979

advanced search interface with limits set


Select an article from the results. If you do not get any results, change your search terms and try again. 

results screen

Navigating and Printing the Article

The article will appear in a viewer in the middle of the screen. You may want to enter the full screen view by clicking on the full screen icon, highlighted below. 

article with full screen icon highlighted

If you want to print, click the print icon, highlighted below.

full screen view of article with print icon highlighted

Enter the appropriate page numbers and click print. 

print menu