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MGT 356: Family Business: Home

A guide for students taking Dr. Mosley's MGT 356 class and others who need to research industries.

Family Business

Introduction & Overview

This guide was created to assist those students enrolled in MGT 356 and was designed specifically to assist you in locating those resources available through the Library.  

If you need assistance, my contact information is to the right side of this page and we can also assist you at the front desk in the MCOB Library.  The tab titled "Help & More" will further provide contact information as well.

Franchise Disclosure Document

The Federal Trade Commission requires all franchisors to provide information to potential franchisees.   According to the FTC website: 

16 CFR Parts 436 and 437


The Franchise Rule gives prospective purchasers of franchises the material information they need in order to weigh the risks and benefits of such an investment. The Rule requires franchisors to provide all potential franchisees with a disclosure document containing 23 specific items of information about the offered franchise, its officers, and other franchisees.



If you were going to purchase a franchise opportunity, you would need to get the Franchise Disclosure Document directly from the franchisor.  These often cost money.  To get a free version to review, you can try searching a state government website, such as the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions or the Minnesota Department of Commerce.  Here's a great article about searching these sites: